About Me

The Editor

He’s the guy behind the scenes.  The mad scientist, stuck in the basement with no windows.  He’s a mad man that only can been seen outside the lab when the sun goes down….

The Photographer

He’s the dude behind the camera. Or tripod. Or drone. He’s the guy that does anything to get the shot, never runs out of energy and always trying to make Read More

The Light Stand

He's the dude carrying all the gear.  He's everywhere at once, and always prepared to light the way

The Marketer

He's the guy that always has an ear to the ground.  If you're getting married, chances are he's already spoke to you.  You can see him hanging out at Bridal Expos and canvasing your local area....

The Driver

Have an intricate timeline for your day? The Driver is the man to make all the timelines.  He navigates through traffic like water flowing around obstacles.  He's equipped to handle any terrain and also carries an umbrella in case of rain....